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DALLAS AMOS, the owner of Dallas & Company, is the heart and spark of this salon. His engaging, warm personality combines with years of the most comprehensive training available, to provide you with exceptional style and impeccable haircutting. Dallas was born and raised in London. His early years of training began on Bond Street in Mayfair as personal assistant to the legendary Vidal Sassoon. He became immersed in the world of fashion as Britain was fast becoming the world leaders in hairdressing. Hairdressers were ‘gods’ and haircutting was the new religion. Dallas spent two decades living this life perfecting his craft and by the late 70’s relocated to California bringing his passion to the suburbs. Today he continues - making clients happy, educating his staff, doing what he loves...see for yourself! Call or text 925.963.9863 for an appointment.


JUDI AMOS, Dallas’s partner in life, love and the salon. She is in the #2 position but literally runs the show. Through management, training and networking she keeps her finger on the pulse with quality control, education and communication. Being a gifted stylist is her creative outlet and keeps her balanced. Color is Judi’s natural forte and she has a discerning eye for the nuance of natural hair color. Color correction especially fires her up! And sharing her knowledge is another passion of hers. Nothing’s better than solving a hair color problem with her team. Call or text 925.998.0187 for an appointment.

PRISCILLA, stylist. Call or text 510.342.6509 for an appointment.

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